About Us

FilmAwardsTV is an online TV platform that allows you to watch films and movie awards across the web for excellence of cinematic achievements from World. The films and movies awards are a set of awards given annually for excellence of cinematic achievements. These awarded films and movies are selected to be the best films and movies of the year. The purposes of the films and movies Awards are to promote films locally and abroad, recognize outstanding achievements, encourage professional development and promote film culture. Filmawards.tv is the platform in the world that brings together the best cinematic talents around the world, drawing film fans and professionals from all across the globe.


It has a wide selections of films from the most prestigious film festivals in the world, such as TIFF, Oscars, Festival de Cannes, Hong Kong Film Awards etc. It is also a platform for you to keep track of the latest news from all the film festivals and film awards across the world. From Filmwards.tv, you can also view the highlights of Awards, the best shots of Awards and Red Carpet, Star of Awards and Awards winners from the past years. With Filmawards.tv, you can enjoy more than a dozen categories, and include films of various types.